You need
- Insulated containner:

   big enough to hold the jar you are going to use for the yoghurt

- Starter:

   yoghurt with live bacteria or 1 pkg. of yoghurt bacteria (from a health food store.)

- Milk:

  2% is OK, or whole milk.

- Skim milk powder.

   (to make the yoghurt thicker)

To make:

- Heat 1 L. milk to 180°F ( 90°C) (until bubbles start against the side of pot)
- Cool down ( put pot in cold water) to 120°F (55°C)
- Add 2 tblsp. skim milk plus 3 tblsp.of live yoghurt, mix, seal container. (not tight)
- Put in insulated container and let sit from 4 to 8hrs. The temperature should not be lower then 106°F. (42°C)
- Don`t use to much starter - it makes for a runny yoghurt.
- Don`t move it while it is fermenting.
- Store in fridge - before using, mix until creamy, don`t over-mix.
- Use bottom of container to make a new batch.
- If you buy a pkg. of yoghurt culture: follow instruction.


President`s choice 1% MF plain yoghurt is very good to buy. (it has 4 different bacteria and no additives.)

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