MY FAVORITE PIZZA.  —   Steven Michiels

D0UGH for 4 PIZZAS 2-lbs lean ground beef 2-cups grated carrots, fine. 1-tin mushroom pieces 2-cups grated acorn squash, (optional) 2-medium onions, cut fine Salt, pepper and nutmeg 4-slices of bread, (crumbled) Pizza spice or Italian spice 4-eggs 24 oz. pizza or spaghetti sauce 1/2-cup milk Mozzarella or Velveeta cheese Cover the pizza plates with doug. Mix next ten ingredients. Add sauce, all of it if you want to use cheese, otherwise half. Taste mixture and add spices as desired. Divide over the 4 pizzas. Cover with cheese or rest of the sauce. Bake in 350°F oven during 30 minutes. NOTE: The cheese may be added right after the pizza is baked.

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