1 egg 2 cups table oil 1 Tbsp mustard Optional: 3 Tbsp vinegar or 1/2 pickle juice Wine vinegar 1 tsp salt Cayenne pepper 1/4 tsp pepper Paprika Tomato paste Put first 5 ingredients in a deep bowl and mix, using a whisk. Stirring continously, slowly pour in the oil intil the mixture is thick. Taste and add spices if needed. Mayonnaise tastes less greasy when not to stiff (add more vineger or cold water). When using a hand blender, put the first 5 ingredients in a container. Add oil, set the blender in it and mix first the bottom and then the rest, with up and down movements. Mayonnaise keeps for several weeks refrigerated. NOTE: If mayonnaise fails to thicken, combine an egg yolk, some mustard and vinegar. Slowly mix failure into it. If that fails, let stand in fridge until the next day and try again.

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