- 1L.milk (1 quart) - 60gr.corn starch (6 level tblsp.) - 50 to chocolate 75gr.sugar (6 level tblsp.) OR - 20 to 30gr.cocoa (2 to 3 level tblsp.)mixed with 100gr.sugar (1/2 cup) - 1/2 tsp.vanilla - 1/4 tsp.salt Mix corn starch in +/- 1/4 of the milk Boil the rest of the milk with the salt. On medium heat, and constantly stirring, add either chocolate and sugar or cocoa-sugar mixture Bring to a boil-take off the stove. Stir corn starch-milk mixture and add to milk always stirring Put back on stove and heat until thickened, add vanilla. (make sure to stir down to the bottom of pot) Pour into bowl or plates.

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