CABBAGE ROLL CASSEROLE.    —    Richard Michiels

3 cups rice 2 tbsp.bacon drippings 1 tsp.salt Pepper 4 cups water Fry rice in drippings for 2 to 3 minutes. Mix with wooden spoon. Add salt, pepper and water. Cover. Let simmer until all the water is gone (about 3/4 hour) 2-lbs ground beef, lean 4-medium onions, (cut fine) 2-cups grated carrots, Pepper, salt and nutmeg. Mix all this together and add to rice and mix. Taste, add spices if needed. 1 medium white cabbage, cut fine. 3 tins of tomato soup mixed with 2 tins water. Cover bottom of big roaster with 1/2 the cabbage. Put meat rice mixture over it and cover with the rest of the cabbage. Pour tomato soup mixture over it. Bake during about 2 hours at 350°F

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